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Document Control Software
Free to download and try... read on

Welcome to DICS: designed for use with Windows XP (see notes), Vista, Win 7 and Win 8

XP Users note:  Our software will also work in Windows XP however, the user will need to perform some one time initial set-up routines which are managed automatically in later operating systems, this routine requires the user to locate 2 data containing files using the built-in semi-automated re-linking routine.

What is DICS?    (Goto DICS Support Forum)

DICS stands for Document Issuing and Control System and is a comprehensive computer program designed specifically for the management of controlled company documentation. DICS is intended to be used by those Quality, Health and Safety or Environmental professionals with responsibilities for the issuing, updating and removal of controlled documentation.

DICS's primary objective is to make the management of your company controlled documentation simpler, less bureaucratic and more efficient.  DICS will aid companies in meeting the requirements of their Quality, Safety and / or Environmental Management System requirements for the control of documentation.

DICS allows companies to manage their controlled document process from the initial review / validation and issuing through to the documentation acknowledgement sign off and any subsequent amendments, updates or withdrawal requests. DICS also provides comprehensive reporting to allow the document controller to take decisions based on real data, ensuring the right document are at the right locations efficiently.

This version of DICS has been released as a fully functional TBYB demo.

DICS has been design to manage the following processes;

Reports included in DICS

More details of DICS capability as a Document Control Management Tool is covered in the pages within On Safe Lines web-site support for users.   Feel free to browse through these pages or simply download DICS and try in for yourself, it is Free.

  New in Version v3+

Screen shoot of one of DICS input screens.

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