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Accidents by Manager Staff

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AIM : Accidents by Reports To Statistical Reports


The number of accidents by an employee's manager is available via the statistical and analysis ribbon.


This report provides details of accidents by the managers added in the 'reports to' table.  This report is likely to be the least favourite as it instantly identifies those managers whose department, section, etc. is the one that has the most accidents. (however, it should be remembered that a Manager's with the most staff numbers can skew figures).


Also see export to PDF or XPS;  export to XLS



This report provides details of accidents by Manager and will no doubt become a 'top' management favourite as it instantly identifies which manager if targeted can most positively influence accidents statistics.



Pressing the Report Preview bring up the the associated report for the users selected criteria.



                              Zoomed Extract



Note:  the % on the report is the statistical relationship of accidents for staff between the dates specified.  It will therefore vary depending on the time span requested.




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