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AIM can can un-installed via the standard windows 'uninstall a program' available from the control panel.




Before un-installing AIM should make a backup of your records to disk or SD card etc,.  Your records will be contained in AIM’s data file ‘AIM_be.accdb’ by default this file is located in the following directory ‘C:\Program Files\On Safe Lines QHSE Software\AIM_v4\’, for non standard installation you will need to locate this file using your file manager.


After re-installing AIM simply overwrite the newly created AIM_be.accdb file with the backup file from your disk or SD card etc.


AIM does come with its own backup facility which by default offers you the option to backup your data every 10th use.  Backup files are located by default in the following directory ‘C:\Program Files\On Safe Lines QHSE Software\AIM_v4\BackupData’ and will have the following format ‘AIMBkp110627-2159.accdb’ which is date and time stamped when the backup was created i.e. YYMMDD-HH-MM. 


Should it be necessary to return to a previous copy of your data it is simply a case of backing up your current ‘AIM_be.accdb’ to disk or SD card etc, then selecting the backup file you would like to restore by its date and time, renaming this file to ‘AIM_be.accdb’ and coping into the data directory as mentioned above.




The unlock code is unique to the PC that generated its associated installation code, so providing you re-install AIM on the same PC you should not have any issues.  Where AIM is installed on a new machine it will be necessary to purchase a new licence 

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