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AIM : Charts Selector


AIM is distributed with several of the most popular charts that management request from their health and safety department.  To ensure reports and charts can be produced easily, and efficiently the Accident Report menu is a one stop shop.  The user can choose from a range of standard reports and charts by their required date range.




Brief Description of Standard Statistical Charts (click on link for further details)



1.Number By Category - Statistical Chart by Accident, Incident and Near-miss by classification

2.Number By Locations - Statistical Chart by location (which location has the worst accident record)

3.Number By Manager - Statistical Chart by (which managers staff are the most accident prone)

4.Number By Staff Group - Statistical Chart by staff groups (which group of staff have the most accidents?)

5.Number By Staff -  Statistical Chart on Employee Accidents (will show those accident prone staff)

6.Lost Time - Statistical Chart by the number of lost days

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