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AIM - Add to Location Tables


Important Information: Whilst there is no particular order to enter support data into AIM it is suggested that Locations, Grades and Reports To tables are populated prior to the employee / staff table.  (also refer to AIM's flow diagram for a basic design input layout)


Locations Table



Next users should add is the various locations for their company(s) or their clients company(s) into the locations table. The locations table is available via the Company Structure ribbon button.


Simply add the various location for your company or clients set-up into the locations table, FIRE will automatically generate a unique ID reference number.


Careful consideration of the location structure in the early stages will prevent this table having to be reworked at a later stage; example which is a better, table 1 or table 2.


Table 1





Table 2

CHD : Ground Floor Offices

CHD : Workshop A

CHD : Workshop B

CHD : Maintenance Workshop

THD : Shopfloor

THD : Dispatch Dept

THD : Stores

THD : Planners Offers


Important Information

The location recorded under an employees staff record is not related to the location recorded in an accident record, this as an accident can occur in many different locations.  Therefore accident records may have two locations; 1. Staff place of employment, 2. Actual place of accident or incident.

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