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In detailed mode an accident, incident or near-miss is broken down into four logical sections, these being event, initial investigation, full investigation and final sign-off.   Each of these four sections is allocated a detailed input form.


Inputting records in detailed mode can be found under the Accidents, Incidents and Near Misses icon.



The following page will provide an overview of inputting records via the detailed mode.



Click Detailed button - The Initial Investigation



The initial investigating officer is normally a member of staff representing management in the task of concluding the facts of the accident.  He or she will usually pick up from where the staff dealing with the accident real time step aside.   Companies will have notably different guidelines and criteria regarding the qualifications, skills and responsibilities of their investigating officers.


Users can select the initial investigating officer from the drop-down box or add a new entry as summarized in the getting started section.


The date entered for the  initial investigation is a company preference.  Some companies will use the date the investigating officer was appointed, while others will prefer to use the date the initial investigation was completed.



The investing officer table does not force users into adding additional data such as designation and location. However, the down-load box will look somewhat blank without this support data.



TIP: In the memo field if you highlight text and hover your mouse over your selection AIM will bring up a floating font edit menu.


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