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AIM in Full Edit Mode

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AIM - Accident Incident and Management system: Full Input Records Mode




AIM has been designed to be easily and efficiently used.  All accidents, incidents and near misses can be entered using this four tabbed, well designed and logically laid out data input forms.  Each of the four sections deal with related factors of the accident, incident or near-miss. Section 1, deals with the core details of who, where, what and when, etc.  Section 2, deals with the initial investigation and any quick fixes and recommendations made. Section 3, deals with the fuller investigation (if necessary) and any longer term fixes and recommendations made. Finally section 4, deals with the authorised acceptance, sign-off and any closing comments.  


As with the compact input mode several drop-down boxes, staff names, locations, accident types, etc. allows the user quickly to enter information from the lists presented.  So for example, if the staff name the user wishes to enter is not currently in the drop-down list, simply type the new name into the entry field or double clicking to bring-up the fields main input form will allow the user quickly to add the entry without leaving the record being entered.

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