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DICS - Documented Information Location Search


DICS has several ways to allow document controllers to find a documented information for updating / issuing, etc.


The following option allows the document controller to find and location, designation or individual name.  The example below shows the document controller search for Environmental Management System Procedures.


Search by Location Method



Opens the search options menu



Note: The document controller could simply select edit all.  This method is fine for smaller, locally based versions of DICS. However, response times may vary for databases containing thousands of records, accessed over a company intranet by multiple users.  Much will depend on the companies network infrastructure and setup.  Should this be the case, document controller should only select the records they need to amend or update.



Important Information: Allows the use to pick only those documents that are required to be viewed and or edited.  In the example above the document controller has selected three records using the 'Ctrl' key.


Pressing the 'Load Selected' button will bring up the 5 selected reports in the master document form ready for updating.



Master Input form showing the first of the 5 records selected above.


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