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DICS has several ways to allow document controllers to carry of documentation Information verification / document checks.


To be able organisation to meet their documentation Information control requirements, of many quality, health and safety, environmental standards etc there will be a need to ensure documentation Information is where it's supposed to be.


The documentation Information verification / document checks form is available from the main DICS menu ribbon.




Documentation Information checks are normally a function of the quality department or a responsibility of the document controller.  Document Verification / Document Checks normal involve a physical check of the document owners location to ensure such information as;


Documentation Information available

Documentation Information Issue Correct

Old copies removed from use

Documentation Information is legible

Documentation Information has no un-authorised amendments


DISC offers document controllers a simple way to manage this requirement, with several reports and statistical tables to help to keep track of the current status and condition of controlled documents issued.



The Documented Information Verification Check input form allows;


Filtering by Documentation Information Location

Further Filter by Documentation Information Type


As well as recording


Available Status

Correct Issue

Legible Status

Un-authorised Alterations

General Comments


Clicking on the Preview report brings up the record for the filtered criteria, this record can then be printed out and used to assist in the check or achieved as evidence of performance duties.




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