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GRAM - Risk Assessment

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GRAM - General Risk Assessment Software


GRAM is a comprehensive occupational health and safety risk management and risk analysis program, designed to be used by both the safety professional and those with part time safety responsibilities. GRAM as a risk assessment tool has a primary objective to reduce the overall risk to employees and employers by making risk management simpler, less bureaucratic and more efficient.


GRAM has been designed to allow the risk assessor to undertake and record general (tasked based) activities, and thus aid in complying with and both health and safety and company requirements.



Likelihood (probability)


5. Almost Certain

4. Probable

3. Possible

2. Possible (under unfortunate circumstances)

1. Rare


Consequences (impact or severity)


5. Fatality

4. Major Injury, resulting in disability

3. Injury Requires, Doctor’s or Hospital attendance

2. Minor Injury, 1st Aid required

1. Minor Injury, 1st Aid not required



GRAM as a risk assessment software program provides guidance for the safety professional and risk assessors from the initial risk assessment planning stage, through to advice on undertaking the risk assessment, documenting the findings and producing reports.



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