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WRAM - Workplace

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WRAM - Workplace Risk Assessment Software


WRAM - Workplace Risk Assessment Management software and is a comprehensive risk management and risk analysis program, designed to be used by both the safety professional and those with part time safety responsibilities.


WRAM has been designed to allow the risk assessor to undertake and record all aspects workplace activities, and thus aid in complying with and both health and safety and company requirements. WRAM covers such areas include;


Maintenance of workplace, and of equipment, devices and systems

Ventilation & Temperature in indoor workplaces


Cleanliness and waste materials

Room dimensions and space

Workstations and seating

Condition of floors and traffic routes

Falls or falling objects

Windows, and transparent or translucent doors, gates and walls

Windows, skylights and ventilators

Ability to clean windows etc. safely

Organisation etc. of traffic routes

Doors and gates

Escalators and moving walkways

Sanitary conveniences

Washing facilities

Drinking water

Accommodation for clothing

Facilities for changing clothing

Facilities for rest and to eat meals





WRAM as a workplace risk assessment software program allows organisations to manage their risk assessments efficiently and effectively by easily guiding the assessor through the whole risk assessment process and then keeping track of who, where, when, and what has been achieved as well as actions and recommendations still outstanding. WRAM allows instant access to performance and tracking information. All risk assessments can be quickly and easily located and where necessary, printed in a professionally designed and standard format.



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