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General Risk Assessemnt Main Form

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Task Based Risk Assessment Main Input Form


Header Tab


Tasked Based Reference No: Unique identification allocated to the risk assessment (duplicate Ref IDs are not permitted)

Location / Site: Identifies where the Tasked Based risk assessment applies to

Task Being Assessed: Records details of task being risk assessed

Assessor One and Two: Records the details of the any individuals assisting in the risk assessment process, typically the employee undertaking the task, a supervisor and or team leader etc this will vary from company to company


Date: Tasked Based assessment undertaken on


Time: Tasked Based assessment undertaken at


Review Date: Date the Tasked Based risk assessment should be reviewed for accuracy and continuing suitability.


Review Not Required: Prevents the programme from placing the Tasked Based assessment on the overdue remainder report after its review date is past.  Typically used where staff are on short-term contracts or for one off tasks not likely to be repeated.


Navigation Bar: (bottom left) Provides the following ways to navigate through records;


First Record

Previous Record

Number of Record within Record-set

Next Record

Last Record

Filter Box

Search Box


Duplicate Record: Will replicate an exact copy of the Tasked Based risk assessment and allocate a unique and temporary reference ID. (see duplicate record for further details)


Further tabs are listed on the General Risk Assessment Introduction page

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