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Welcome to MRAM (the One Stop Shop for Company Risk Assessment Management)


MRAM stands for Manual Handling Risk Assessment Managements and is a comprehensive risk management and analysis program, designed to be used by both the safety professional and those with part time safety responsibilities.


MRAM provides guidance for the safety professional and risk assessors from the initial risk assessment planning stage, through to advice on undertaking the risk assessment, documenting the findings and producing reports.


MRAM allows organisations to manage their risk assessments efficiently and effectively by easily guiding the assessor through the whole risk assessment process and then keeping track of who, where, when, and what has been achieved as well as actions and recommendation still outstanding.


MRAM allows instant access to performance and tracking information. All risk assessments can be quickly and easily located and where necessary printed in a professionally designed and standard format.


The risk assessment input screens are logically laid out and then allow all the right questions to be asked and recorded.  The questions are preset; however hopefully they are the right questions. The program also allows the user to create two pages of their own questions. Once you input your risk assessment the program allows you to print the assessment in a professional looking report.

Each assessment type has the facility to record not only the assessment findings but also any risk assessment briefing required for that specific risk assessment as well as how and when individuals were briefed.

The program also allows for tracking of remedial action by who, where, when, etc. The reports also have a section for statistical data on risk assessment performance and outstanding actions.

Additional Features

Build you own question sets. Users can now create addendum A & B pages for their risk assessments which allow up to an additional 12 user defined questions to be added

Replicate Risk Assessment - Allows for standard / template risk assessments to be created and then instantly replicated and amended to suit different circumstances

Spell check on all memo fields - ability to build own specialised words dictionary

Zoombox to support text input to memo fields

Read-write or Read-only login - Allows risk assessments to be display on terminals without the risk of unauthorised amendments

Allow reports to be exported to either Pdf or Xps formats


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