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First Aid Risk Assessment


Before it can be decided what level of first aid cover, equipment and facilities are required, employers must assess the hazards and the circumstances within their organisation which pose a threat to their employees.


Many small firms will only need to make the minimum first-aid provision. However, there are factors which might make greater provision necessary.


The following check-list covers some of the points you should consider.


1.You are required by law to make an assessment of significant risks in your workplace. What are the risks of injury and ill health identified in this risk assessment?

2.Are there any specific risks, e.g. working with:
> hazardous substances?
> dangerous tools?
> dangerous machinery?
> dangerous loads?
> dangerous animals?

3.Are there parts of your establishment where different levels of risk can be identified?

4.What is your record of accidents and cases of ill health?

5.What type of accidents are they and where did they happen?

6.How many people are employed on site?

7.Are there inexperienced workers on site, or employees with disabilities or special health problems?

8.Are the premises spread out, e.g. are there several buildings on the site or multi-floor buildings?

9.Is there shift-work or out-of-hours working?

10.Is your workplace remote from emergency medical services?

11.Do you have employees who travel a lot or work alone?

12.Do any of your employees work at sites occupied by other employers?

13.Do you have any work experience trainees?

14.Do members of the public visit your premises?


What is an appointed person?


An appointed person is someone you choose to:


take charge when someone is injured or falls ill, including calling an ambulance if required;

look after the first-aid equipment, eg restocking the first-aid box.


Appointed persons should not attempt to give first aid for which they have not been trained, though short emergency first-aid training courses are available. Remember that an appointed person should be available at all times people are at work on site - this may mean appointing more than one.


What is a first aider?


A first aider is someone who has undergone a training course in administering first aid at work and holds a current first aid at work certificate.


The following help pages will give you help and guidance of TIRA’s Fire Risk Assessment Module.


1.First Aid Risk Assessment Input Form

2.Entering Risk Assessment Hazards Findings

3.Adding Risk Assessments Corrective Actions

4.Sign the Risk Assessment Off

5.Adding Risk Assessment Briefing Notes

6.Producing Lists of Staff Briefed on Risk Assessment Findings

7.Search and Find a Specific Risk Assessment

8.Select a Risk Assessment for Editing

9.Select and Print a Risk Assessment

10.Print a Blank Risk Assessment 

11.Risk Assessment Standard Reports Menu

12.Build your own Questions Sets - Addendum A & B 

13.Adding Attachments (Images and Pictures)

14.Adding Hyperlinks (E-mail and Web Addresses) 


For more details on TIRA's General Risk Assessment module please refer to the help support for FARM our First Aid Assessment Management software.


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