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Select a Risk Assessment


TIRA has been designed and developed to be multi-user and network efficient.  As such TIRA does not load every risk assessment when users load up the main risk assessment input form. 


To edit a risk assessment user are offered a list box of current risk assessments held within TIRA.  Users can then select single, multiple or all risk assessments for editing.  This ensures that TIRA only uses resources as necessary and does not hog network traffic unnecessarily.


Clicking on the Select Assessment button on the menu ribbon (second left) brings up the assessment select box.  Users are given brief details of the risk assessments, typically description, location, ID reference number, this to enable them to quickly and easily identify the assessment(s) they wish to edit.


Above each column in the selection list box are toggle buttons.  The toggle buttons will sort their respected columns A-Z then Z-A, or 1-2 then 2-1, etc,. making it easy to locate the required assessments.


TIP: Double clicking on any risk assessment will open the record for editing.


TIP: Clicking Edit All button will open all risk assessments for editing.


TIP: Using the Ctrl or Shift keys allows the user to filter only the risk assessments they are interested in when clicking the edit button.







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