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Workload Reports

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TIRA Workload Reports


Added v4.2:


To enable efficient and effective management of the risk assessment process TIRA offers many reports to assist health and safety departments.  (also see standard reports)


Workload reports list all risk assessments that are due review on one simple report.  This is a useful report at the beginning of the week or month, as it helps the department or risk assessor to understand what their risk assessment work load is.


Workload reports come in four versions, which are sorted by either Risk Assessment Type, Due Review Date, Reference Number or Location.


Four new workload reports added which group all risk assessments due across the 9 risk assessment types, there include;


By Date:

By Risk Assessment Type:

By Location:

By Reference Number:


Note: Where risk assessments have been marked as review not required they will not appear on the workload reports. Users will need to go to the standard reports to locate these risk assessments.


Also see Inventory Reports and Master Indexes reports

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