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Task Inventory Linking to Risk Assessment

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Task Inventory - Linking To Risk Assessments


To use TIRA to its most effective it is recommended that activities are broken down to their various tasks / elements an each task / element is entered as a line item within a task inventory.


If we take an engine change as an example, we may have the following three tasks to conduct.


1.Drain Oil - Hazardous Substance Risk Assessment,

2.Lifting Components - Manual Handing Risk Assessment,

3.Use of Lifting Jacks - Work Equipment Risk Assessment.


First, we start a new Task Inventory Risk Assessment.


Enter the details of the activity as detailed on this help page > Task Inventory Module


1.Now enter the details for the Drain Oil activity, set the Risk Assessment Type as Hazardous Substances and allocation a unique risk assessment number - for example, HS0001,

2.Now enter the details for the Lifting activity, set the Risk Assessment Type as Manual Handling and allocation a unique risk assessment number - for example, MH0001,

3.Now enter the details for the Use of Lifting Jacks activity, set the Risk Assessment Type as Work Equipment and allocation a unique risk assessment number - for example, WE0001.


If we go back to task entry 1. and double click on the allocated number HS0001, TIRA will initially load a blank Hazardous Substances risk assessment.  You need to allocate this assessment the same number as allocated within the Task Inventory i.e. HS0001.  Your Task Inventory will now be linked to your full Hazardous Substances Risk assessment.


Use the same method to link the other two task activities.


If you already have a risk assessment for one of the identified task activities, you simply need to allocate the risk assessment number to the appropriate task activity line within the task inventory.


Common mistakes:  Selecting the wrong type of risk assessment type, i.e. selecting a risk assessment type as Hazardous Substance can never be linked to any other type of risk assessment.  Looking at the above example for HS0001, even if the full risk assessment existed, selecting a risk assessment type of anything but Hazardous Substances will mean a successful link will never be created, nor should it.

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