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Manual Handling Risk Assessments 


Employers have a responsibility to ensure that all staff under their control follow correct manual handling procedures. This duty should include proactive strategies to prevent manual handling injuries during normal duties.


The manual handling strategies should:


avoid                     the need for manual handling operations

assess                     the risk of injury from any hazardous manual handling that cannot be avoided; and

reduce           the risk of injury from hazardous manual handling, so far as is reasonably practicable


How far must I reduce the risk?


To the lowest level ‘reasonably practicable’. This means reducing the risk until the cost of any further precautions - time, effort or money - would be far too great in proportion to the benefits.

General risk assessment guidelines


There is no such thing as a completely ‘safe’ manual handling operation. But working within the following guidelines will cut the risk and reduce the need for a more detailed assessment.

The following help pages will give you help and guidance of TIRA’s Manual Risk Assessment Module.

1.Manual Handling Risk Assessment Input Form

2.Entering Risk Assessment Hazards Findings

3.Adding Risk Assessments Corrective Actions

4.Sign the Risk Assessment Off

5.Adding Risk Assessment Briefing Notes

6.Producing Lists of Staff Briefed on Risk Assessment Findings

7.Search and Find a Specific Risk Assessment

8.Select a Risk Assessment for Editing

9.Select and Print a Risk Assessment

10.Print a Blank Risk Assessment 

11.Risk Assessment Standard Reports Menu

12.Build your own Questions Sets - Addendum A & B 

13.Adding Attachments (Images and Pictures)

14.Adding Hyperlinks (E-mail and Web Addresses) 

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