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Search Risk Aseesments

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Search Risk Assessments


WRAM has been designed and developed to be multi-user and network efficient.  As such WRAM does not load every risk assessment when users load up the main risk assessment input form. 


Clicking on the Search Assessment button on the menu ribbon (third left) brings up the search assessment box.


The risk assessment search box offers the user 3 or 4 options when searching for specific risk assessments.


1.By risk assessment reference number (part or whole)

2.By location, selected from the drop-down combo box

3.By task / activity (using a partial string entry)

4.Between specific dates


WRAM will then filter the risk assessment record-set according to the criteria specified in the users search and return and records found.


Note:  To search for a string in the middle of task description, start your search text with an asterisk.   For example:   *replacement


When selecting search criteria by date WRAM uses a standard date selector box.




This helps to ensure that there are no errors introduced by the date format set on users PC's i.e. mm/dd/yy (US) against dd/mm/yy (GB) would otherwise give different results if a user inputs dates such as 02/03/11, 03/08/11, 10/02/12 etc.




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