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Limitation of our Applications (limitation of Microsoft Access).


Our software is designed to run in a 64 bit environment, however as is utilises MS Office 32 bit runtime components, it will not run on PC installed with 64 bit MS Office.  This is because Microsoft will not allow both 32 bit and 64 bit runtime files to operate in the same environment.  This is not a 64 bit PC issue as our software was developed on a windows 10 64bit PC, this is merely a limitation within the MS Office package that Microsoft has introduced.


From our perspective it makes more sense to distribute our applications in 32 bit, this as for the best part they will run on both a 32 bit and 64 bit PC.  Microsoft recommend customers should install the 32 bit office version, this unless they have very specific reason for using the 64bit version, for example spreadsheets or databases over 2GB in size.


Microsoft themselves do not recommend using the 64 bit version of Office unless in very specific scenarios. Usually the only solution is to remove the 64 bit version and have them re-load the 32 bit version.


This is often possible because most places that have the 64 bit version have access to it through MSDN, because most stores do not sell the 64 bit version. Only the 32 bit version. So if they have MSDN access then they would also have the 32 bit version available and you would be solving other troubles for them since this is Microsoft's own recommendation.


It will be VERY rare to find a regular consumer with the 64bit version of Office, since they would have had to specifically tracked down that version, rather than just buying the 32bit version that is available to them.

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