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Registration Guidance to Obtain an Unlock Key


NOTE: We only supply unlock keys after purchase verification checks have been carried out,

There are a few ways to register each program, each requires us receiving the installation code from you.

Lets step through the semi-automatic way, which should work for 99.9% of customers / clients.

Firstly, fill in the details in the middle section of the registration form and then click on the semi-automatic email button.

You will then be given a message explaining that a registration text file is about to be created.

Clicking on OK will indicated that the registration text file was created.

Clicking on OK will open up your file explorer in the folder where the registration text file was created. This directory will be different for each of our programs.

Please attach this file to and email and send to us at

We will then be able to forward your unlock key.

Copy and paste this unlock key into the bottom box of the registration form and click on the verify key button.

The program will then re-start.

Checking your registration successful can be done via main menu icon

Confirmation registration successful.

You will need to do this for each program you purchased...



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