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Accident Investigation

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Accident investigation

All incidents, accidents and near misses should be investigated so that appropriate action can be taken to prevent a recurrence.


The Manager and or Supervisor should commence an accident investigation and the progress and findings should be forwarded to a Senior Manager. This should be carried out immediately in the case of a serious accident.


In completing the Accident investigation any details requested should give consideration to the following factors:

What any injured person was doing at the time of, and immediately before the accident.

Consider the following:


1.what any injured person was doing at the time of, and immediately before the accident;

2.were they authorised to be in that specific area;

3.what type of work was being undertaken;

4.had they been trained;

5.were they supervised, and,          

6.nature of the injury and location on the body.

Record details of plant, equipment, substances, etc. involved in the accident. Examine the equipment to the best of your ability. Where necessary engage competent help, e.g. an engineer. Bear in mind that it may be best to engage an independent engineer if the integrity of the machine or maintenance standards maybe questioned.


Furthermore, remember other details such as weather, clothing, lighting, etc. if relevant.

Take statements from any witnesses separately concerning what they saw at the time of the accident. Remain impartial and do not ask leading questions. Confirm that witnesses actually saw the incident, and are not giving an opinion as to what they thought might have happened.


Record the conclusions. Stick to the facts and do not make subjective judgements. Opinions are peripheral to the investigation. Listing recommendations for the prevention of a similar recurrence ought to from part of the accident investigation report.  This list of recommendations may typically include any training requirements, including refresher training, which may be beneficial.  Remember that these are recommendations, and may not necessarily be readily accepted by those accountable for their implementation. It is therefore, important that accident investigations are signed and accepted by senior management.

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