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What is an appointed person?


Regulation 3(3) of the First Aid at Work Regulations, requires as a minimum, the provision of an Appointed Person.


Where your assessment of first-aid needs identifies that a trained first-aider is not required in your workplace, you should appoint someone to take charge of first-aid arrangements. This is the minimum requirement.


Even in a small, low-hazard organisations where first-aiders may not be considered necessary, it is always possible that an injury or illness can occur. It is therefore sensible to appoint a suitable person as being available to take charge of the first aid arrangements.  


The appointed person does not need to be first aid trained, there role is more administrative duties, freeing up any trained first aider personnel to concentrate on the patient. The role of this appointed person includes looking after first-aid equipment and facilities and calling the emergency services when required. They can also provide emergency cover where a first-aider is absent due to unforeseen circumstances (annual leave does not count). An appointed person is not necessary where there are an adequate number of appropriately trained first-aiders.


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