WRAM : Workplace Risk Assessment Management Software

WARM is an Affordable Business Software Health and Safety Workplace Risk Assessment Management Solution.

WRAM - Workplace Risk Assessment Management software and is a comprehensive risk management and risk analysis program, designed to be used by both the safety professional and those with part time safety responsibilities.

WRAM has been designed to allow the risk assessor to undertake and record all aspects workplace activities, and thus aid in complying with and both health and safety and company requirements. Such areas include;

  • Maintenance of workplace, and of equipment, devices and systems
  • Ventilation & Temperature in indoor workplaces
  • Lighting
  • Cleanliness and waste materials
  • Room dimensions and space
  • Workstations and seating
  • Condition of floors and traffic routes
  • Falls or falling objects
  • Windows, and transparent or translucent doors, gates and walls
  • Windows, skylights and ventilators
  • Ability to clean windows etc. safely
  • Organisation etc. of traffic routes
  • Doors and gates
  • Escalators and moving walkways
  • Sanitary conveniences
  • Washing facilities
  • Drinking water
  • Accommodation for clothing
  • Facilities for changing clothing
  • Facilities for rest and to eat meals

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