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Welcome to WERAM Designed for use with Windows XP (see notes), Vista, Win 7, 8 and 10

Please Note: Our applications are developed in a Win 10 64 bit environment as a 32 bit applications, this to enabled them to run on both 32 & 64 bit PCs

Download WERAM.

WERAM is a large file to download at approximately 271MB “Most failure to install are due to errors in the downloaded file”.  To assist in obtaining a flawless download, we would recommend using a download manager with a resume on broken download feature (or a bittorrent client, option 3 below).  We currently use Free Download Manager (Lite version) see;

To use Free Download Manager paste this link into the Add Download Window -


Click > here < to see our support page for using Free Download Manager

Work Equipment Risk Assessment Download Page

Software Download and Verification Checks

Latest Build v3.3.02

MD5: 5CFE97A3422C7195DB3FE8DBFA12DF4C

How to calculate and verify MD5 checksum

Revision History

Know Incompatibilities

Known Installation Errors

View Help File Online

1. Download Full Software Package (Mirror 1)

2. Download Full Software Package (Mirror 2)

3. Download Bittorent File for users with bittorrent client software installed on their PC.  For a free (open source) bittorrent client try qBittorrent.

4. Download Open website and download via

< install error? see our advice >

—----- Existing Users Download Link —–––

Compact File < Click here to Download:
VERY IMPORTANT NOTE Only for users with any of our QHSE programs already installed (see list below)

On Safe Lines QHSE Software Ltd programs bear our secure code signing certificate.

Why Sign our Application?

As a software publisher, there are two reasons to sign our applications:

1. To prove its Integrity

2. To develop our Reputation

Read More about our code signing certificate

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WERAM - Work Equipment Risk Assessment Management