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Welcome to AIM: designed for use with Windows XP (see notes), Vista, Win 7, 8 and 10

What is AIM?

AIM stands for staff Accident Investigation and Management Software and is a comprehensive employee accident, incident and near-miss management and analysis program, designed to be used by both the safety professional and those with part time safety  responsibilities.

AIM has been designed to allow companies to easily manage their staff accidents, incident and near-miss incidents.  AIM allows companies to manage the entire accident process from initial reporting through to final management sign off of findings and recommendations. AIM also provides comprehensive analysis and statistical reporting to allow management to take decisions based on real data.

AIM has been designed to allow the user to control just how they wish to manage their record inputting and provides two main input screens, compact and detailed mode. Users are easily able to select which of the two modes to use when inputting accident and investigation records.  In compact mode all fields are arranged logically and neatly on a single input form.    In detailed mode an accident, incident or near-miss is broken down into four logical sections, these being event, initial investigation, full investigation and final sign-off.   Each of these four sections is allocated its' own input form.

More details of AIM's capability as a Risk Management Tool is covered in the pages within On Safe Lines web-site support for users.   Feel free to browse through these pages or simply download AIM and try in for yourself, it is Free.

Sample accident input screen

Accident Investigation and Management,

Staff Accidents at Work Software

Statistical reports included in AIM (click on link
for further details)

  • Accidents between Dates
  • Accidents by Employee
  • Accidents by  Staff Groups
  • Accidents by  Manager
  • Accidents by Location
  • Accidents by  Accident Type
  • Accidents by Lost Time
  • Accidents Reportable to National Stats
  • Detailed Accidents Reports by Employee
  • Brief Accident Reports by the user selected choices.

Charts included in AIM (click on link for further details)

  • Category by Accident, Incident and Near-miss by classification
  • Locations which location has the worst accident record
  • Manager which managers staff are the most accident prone
  • Staff Group which group of staff have the most accidents?
  • Employee will show those accident prone staff
  • Lost Time Chart by the number of lost days
  • Bar Charts
  • Pie Charts
  • Pivot Tables.

Video overview of AIM, hosted in YouTube click <here>

Please Note, This video was created in an earlier version of AIM an will therefore look slightly different to the latest available download version

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Sample Report  (middle section of report only shown, does not show company header or recommendations / actions section)

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